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Would you like access to Global markets? We can Triple your sales by expanding your markets overseas. We have resources set aside for businesses right now to help them achieve this.

Call and find out more about our Export SEO Business partnerships. There's a bunch of really good reasons to join us.

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We Make Good Businesses...Great!

At Platinum Brands, we provide good businesses with the resources to make their business great, in a very short period of time.  And we can do the same for you.

You probably already know that many business owners are are skilled in certain areas but lack the time, money or expertise to for their business to reach it's full potential.If this sounds like you, read on to see how we can help.

We can provide these extra resources, expertise, and operational systems that will lead to fast and steady growth in a way that can be properly managed.

We Provide:

Core business services and suppliers including Business and marketing strategy, Accounting Systems, Administration Systems, and Internet marketing strategy and execution. We pride ourselves on systemizing existing operations to form a strong foundation and then doubling and tripling the size of the business via strong off line and online marketing systems.

What Does It Cost?

OPTION 1 - Fixed fee or hourly consultancy basis

OPTION 2 - Minimal or No cost basis

Platinum Brands will look at a business partnership, joint venture or profit share arrangement, where we fund the services required for growth. This solves the problem of extra finance required for growth and substantially reduces the time period for Business Development.

However, the biggest benefit to a business owner, is that we contribute our money and expertise. This therefore means that there is very little risk for the business owner. ie we are prepared to back up our performance by putting some "skin in the game". Our proven track record  in business development, joint ventures and business partnerships gives us full confidence in what we are taking on.

Obviously we do not just take on any business. We look for the the correct mix of the business owners thinking, business viability and potential for growth globally.

There are no size or experience requirements, however often New Zealand business owners dont ask due to our Kiwi, DIY attitude. If you dont ask, you will never know whether we could help. Often the size of business that fits well are businesses that have turnover in the range of 500,000 to 3,000,000. 

Why Would You Consider a Joint Venture Business Partnership?

Simple Answer - Cashflow creation, more time, more fun & wealth asset creation.

Cashflow & Time

Increasing turnover in a SUSTAINABLE manner (ie with the correct systems in place) and in the correct direction, creates extra cash flow and a better EBIT (earnings before interest and tax) 

This creates more cash flow for the business owner, better resources and expertise, more time and more fun.

Wealth & Business Value

If your business doesn't have the right ingredients, systems, suppliers,  sustainability, potential, and correctly structured Exit strategy and structure, your EBIT (earnings before interest and tax) multiplier or Business Value (ie what your business would sell for) will be low somewhere between 0 to 2.

Example EBIT Senario

eg IF EBIT multiple = 1 and your EBIT = 100,000 your business would be worth 100,000 approx (1 x 100,000). Therefore if we increase this EBIT to 200,000 and the EBIT multiple to 3 or 5 via Platinum Brands companies, systems and strategies at no cost in exchange for a percentage of ownership or profit share then the business is now worth say 600,000 to 1,000,000. ie 5 EBIT multiple x  200,000 EBIT =1,000,000 Business Value.

This is a great result for parties involved and if the business development is completed in 3 years rather than 10 years via a Platinum Brands business partnership or Joint Venture life becomes a lot more enjoyable.

So if you are prepared to work with others, be open minded, listen and be would be great to hear from you.

To contact us click here

PS - If you are not familiar with EBIT, Business exit strategies and business structures ...then call us for a one on one consultancy session to discuss these concepts and strategies on 0800 329 359.

This first session will be free of charge.


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