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  1. Opening Weekend 2010 Tim Wood (Partner) 06-Oct-2010


2010 Tax Changes, LAQC

Rules, Changes, &  Problems

The 2010 Budget has changed how tax is treated on certain entities. Tax rates have gone down; GST has gone up. It's important to understand how this effects you and your business/property.

If you would to discuss the following areas please contact us

Tax changes that have taken place?

  • Are Limited Partnerships the new LAQC’s?
  • Should you change from a LAQC?
  • Are you taking full advantage of the new tax rates!
  • Is your company coping with the latest GST changes?
  • Is your internal accounting system treating GST properly?
  • Are your client agreements treating GST correctly?
  • Find out where you can make money that you previously thought you couldn’t in this new tax environment.
  • Extra cash after tax cuts, where should you put it?
  • Buying and selling property, is a trading trust still the right entity? ....And any other areas relating to asset planning, tax changes, Joint Venture agreements, Business Partnerships, and related Trust Intregration

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