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Tim's Fishing Blog

Tim's Fly Fishing Blog-some Fishing Trip photos and details while enjoying some of the fabulous Fly Fishing available in New Zealand

Opening Weekend 2010

Tim Wood (Partner) - Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Well after thinking that I wouldnt get out at all, on Saturday at 4pm on Friday, my daughter asked if she could go to a sleepover at a friends place. Well with my son away I couldnt believe my luck. My response " what a good idea, can I drop you off". After packing her gear up and seeing her excitment to be heading on an overnight, combined with the thought of landing that first season fish, I could hardly contain myself.

well where to go, -gave big nige a ring and he suggested the ashley as close by. So dawn came and with a minor work crisis (hadnt thought about gst ist oct changes not working according to plan) turned up an hour late to meet big nige who was asleep in the truck.

We then had the dreaded dirty water find-yes the ashley was filthie !! -came up overnight . -so once again I thought I would do my usually trick and go exploring . Nige sat very nervously next to me wondering if he was going to get any fishing in and if we would return by nightfall.

So we drove and drove looking at tributaries a, creeks etc. Then who should we come across but a fishing store owner with a couple of his mates, who had camped over night. After good old yack we started fishing semi dirty water about 11am. At about 1pm I was bored , as we couldnt see fish and I couldnt be bothered blind fishing all day when it was the opening of the season.

so well back to the car for a reconaisance of local claer water that I had not fished.
Well after a half hour drive to another area, we found a beautiful little stream that was ideal for early season and I had always wanted to check it out. It was now about 2pm.

Well the results were great as we saw fish in great condition and had some good fun for a couple of hours.

Theres nothing better than going exploring and finding some good water youve never fished before and landing a great condition fish. A nice 51/4 pound brown took my nymph on the 4th fly change, and didnt make it to the tree stumps.

Tight lines Tim w Platinum Brands, Fly Fishing Adventures for Joint Venture & Business Partners. Making sure you take time to enjoy the hard yards !